Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wide-ranging Recommendations for California Stem Cell Agency

The California stem cell agency this morning released a Power Point summary of wide-ranging recommendations from its newly created scientific advisory board(SAB).

The recommendations will be discussed later today and again in December. Here is an excerpt from the lead recommendation.  The complete Power Point presentation can be found at the end of this item.
"SAB advises CIRM to identify, through a prioritization process, the top 6 to 8 projects, with clear relevance to the remit of CIRM’s stem cell mission, and to setaside the funding to ensure the projects can proceed to phase 1 and 2a clinical trials as rapidly as possible, without financial impediments. – Achieving clinical proof of concept is a key goal to achieve, to attract future potential investors and supporters of stem cell research, and has a strong chance of success, as long as CIRM advances the most promising clinical candidates “at speed”; this will require careful assessment / prioritization of portfolio.

"Preliminary management response: Management accepts this recommendation and will need to identify a process for selection of these projects that would include representatives from GWG(grant review group), CDAP(another agency advisory panel), and other external expertise as needed, and the amount of funding that would need to be set aside by the ICOC(CIRM directors). Recommendations will be developed for this priority group of projects as to where expertise and approach need to be modified to maximize the potential and to ensure rapid and effective progress. Management will provide separately a process to select these priority projects."

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