Saturday, January 24, 2015

A California Stem Cell Mystery is Solved

The California stem cell agency today cleared up one of the mysteries involving next Thursday’s meeting of its governing board and likely action on a training program.

The agency last Saturday posted the agenda for the meeting that included a cryptic description that appeared to involve the abolition of one of its several training program. The agency did not respond to a query last Monday about exactly what was meant by the agenda item, making it nearly impossible for affected parties to respond in an appropriate and timely fashion.

Following the posting yesterday on this blog of an item describing the situation -- "The California Stem Cell Agency and Its Unnecessary Mysteries" -- the agency added a memo early today from CIRM President Randy Mills to the Thursday agenda. The memo explained that what was involved was the CIRM Scholars Program.  

Look for an item on this Web site early Monday on the expected end to the program.

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