Monday, August 17, 2015

Legal Setback for California Stem Cell Business Snared in Abortion Flap

A California stem cell/human tissue firm appears to be losing its battle to halt damaging videos that have entangled it in an emotional national controversy about abortion, the Washington Post reported today.

An opinion piece by UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh said that the Los Angeles judge in the case “seems to have been persuaded” by the anti-abortion activists to refrain from blocking further distribution of the videos involving StemExpress LLC of Placerville.

Quoting from the judge’s tentative ruling last week, Volokh noted that the First Amendment issues in the case apparently are carrying the day even if the activists violated state law in making the surreptitious videos. The Washington Post piece provided a link to the response by the Center for Medical Progress, an Irvine organization behind the videos. ­­­­­
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