Friday, August 21, 2015

California's StemExpress Loses Bid to Block Anti-Abortion Videos; Appeal Being Considered

A Los Angeles judge today rejected a bid by a California stem cell/human tissue firm to halt the release of an anti-abortion video that the firm said is harming its business and endangering the lives of its employee.

The firm, StemExpress LLC of Placerville, said, however, it is considering appealing the ruling.

Brian Melley of The Associated Press wrote,
“Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joanne O'Donnell rejected efforts by StemExpress to block the videos, though she said the company likely will prevail in its lawsuit claiming its privacy was violated by an anti-abortion activist posing as a biomedical company employee.”
Melley continued,
“StemExpress won a temporary restraining order last month, but O'Donnell said Friday that the center's First Amendment rights to release the videos trumped the company's right to block them under their privacy claims.
“The judge said she couldn't tell who was telling the truth about how confidential the May meeting was, but she said the fact (David) Daleiden concealed his identity and secretly recorded the conversation made his account less believable.
“O'Donnell rejected the center's argument that the secret recordings were legal under an exemption that allows such subterfuge if someone believes they are gathering evidence of a crime.
"'Defendants' apparent ideological conviction that fetal tissue procurement is a violent felony does not, without more (evidence), rise to the level of a 'reasonable belief,' O'Donnell wrote.”

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