Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Stem Cell Science: Glue Your Ears to the Internet

The California stem cell agency's first-ever, international science conference can be monitored on the Internet this weekend.

The agency said the sessions will be webcast live on and at The full agenda for the conference can be found here.

This is the first webcast of an event involving CIRM, a move that is long overdue. Meetings of the working groups are generally available at remote locations that are set up for the benefit of Oversight Committee members. The public is welcome also. However, none of the Oversight Committee meetings have a similar arrangement and none have been broadcast.

Both the University of California and Zoomedia have the capability of doing webcasts, which are quite common on the Internet. Zoomedia is rebuilding the agency's website as part of San Francisco's bid to secure the headquarters of CIRM. It would behoove Zoomedia to also webcast CIRM meetings as well.

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