Monday, October 24, 2005

"Big-headed?" -- Stem Cell Perspective from South Korea

Last week, South Korea announced plans for a Stem Cell Hub that would have operations in California. Here is a comment from Digital Chosun, a Korean news outlet on the Web.

"It is a precious accomplishment for our country's bioengineering brains, who immersed themselves in research and sacrificed their private lives to the extent of being sometimes portrayed as an army.

"We are one step ahead: there is no need to get big-headed. For cell cloning technology to be used in clinical treatment, we need the technology to grow stem cells into particular organ tissues, and there we lag behind the U.S. and Britain. The California state government, spurred by the Hwang team's success in cloning somatic cells, is pouring W3 trillion (US$3 billion) over 10 years into bioengineering. Britain, where bioengineering started much earlier, is also a strong contender. "

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