Wednesday, November 02, 2005

New Water Fountains for Stem Cell Science

San Francisco city and California stem cell agency officials snipped a red ribbon Tuesday at the official opening of CIRM's new headquarters in Baghdad-by-the-Bay.

Reporter Rachael Gordon of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote that optimism prevailed at the event, the usual course for such ribbon cuttings.

"The mayor's director of economic development, Jesse Blout, said no new stem cell related companies have put down stakes in San Francisco since the decision on where to locate the headquarters was made. But, he said, 'they're circling,'' she reported. "(San Francisco Mayor Gavin) Newsom said he expects some announcements to be made soon."

Noting the ample communal areas in the headquarters, Gordon quoted CIRM president Zach Hall as saying they will foster collaboration. "I'm a great believer in science by the water fountain,'' said Hall.

CIRM staff has not moved into the facility. That will come Nov. 11.

It was interesting decision by the Chronicle to cover the ribbon cutting but skip the legislative hearing into the intellectual property issues involving CIRM, although the Chron has been one of the leaders in coverage of the stem cell agency.

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