Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hawgood Joins CIRM Directors

The California stem cell agency has its second Aussie on board, Sam Hawgood, who joined CIRM's Oversight Committee at its meeting in Burlingame earlier this month.

Hawgood (see photo) replaces David Kessler, the former dean of medicine at UC San Francisco, on the Oversight Committee. Kessler was fired as dean in December and could no longer serve on the Oversight Committee. California law states that the Hawgood/Kessler position must be filled by an executive officer from a UC campus with a medical school. The appointment is made by the chancellor at UC San Francisco.

Hawgood emigrated from Australia in 1982. Another Australian, Alan Trounson, was named last year as president of CIRM. Here is part of what UCSF had to say about Hawgood at the time Kessler was fired.
"Hawgood was named chair of pediatrics in 2004 and physician in chief of UCSF Children’s Hospital, one of the nation’s top children’s hospitals. He also has been instrumental in laying plans for construction of a new children’s hospital at UCSF Mission Bay. He is currently president of the UCSF Medical Group, which represents more than 900 physicians at UCSF."
Neither CIRM nor UCSF issued a news release on Hawgood's appointment nor does the CIRM website yet contain any biographical material on Hawgood.

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