Sunday, April 26, 2009

CIRM Reassures Grantees on Their Cash

Late Friday, the California stem cell agency sent the following email to CIRM grantees:

"We at CIRM headquarters want to send you some reassuring news regarding CIRM’s finances and our plans to continue a full and robust research portfolio. This week the California State Treasurer successfully sold $6.85 billion in bonds, more than twice the amount originally sought by the treasurer. This vote of confidence by the investor community is good news for CIRM, our grantees and all the patients in California and elsewhere we seek to serve.

"Robert Klein, chair of the CIRM governing board, thanked the State Department of Finance and the State Treasurer’s Office for their tremendous efforts. He indicated that the estimated $275 million in additional funds expected for the agency raises the funds available for grants and facilities to some $400 million and this will cover all commitments, existing and expected, for the next 18 months."

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