Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sacramento Bee: CIRM is 'petri dish for patronage'

The leading newspaper in the California capital today deplored the $150,000 salary increase for Art Torres, co-vice chairman of the California stem cell agency.

The Sacramento Bee said the pay is “the latest example of how people who owe their livelihood to California's taxpayers refuse to share their pain.”

The Bee's editorial was headlined, “Institute is a petri dish for patronage.”

The Bee said that Torres “has apparently improved CIRM's relations with both the Legislature and the state treasurer's office,” but that does not justify the increase.

The newspaper concluded,
"CIRM leaders continue to claim that it is vital for California to spend billions of dollars on this science, even though the new administration in Washington is funding forms of stem cell research that the previous one restricted.

“But when the institute spends money like this, taxpayers have to wonder: Does California still need a stem cell institute – one with this type of leadership?”

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