Wednesday, April 28, 2010

$5.9 Million Grant to Duke Scientist Moving Forward Again

Directors of the California stem cell agency began a discussion tonight of a $5.9 million grant to help lure a Duke University scientist to California despite a statement earlier today that the matter would not be brought up.

James Harrison, outside counsel to CIRM, this afternoon said in an email that the matter would not be considered. Asked about the change this evening, Harrison replied in an email, “I was wrong! Chalk it up to miscommunication while everyone was in transit.”

CIRM Chairman Robert Klein initiated a staff presentation on the application. Directors discussed it briefly and will discuss it again tomorrow in public after it comes up in an executive session tonight.

The grant is expected to go to Robert Wechsler-Reya to help recruit him to the Sanford-Burnham Institute.

John Reed, CEO of the institute, is a member of the CIRM board of directors. His alternate, who is filling in for him tonight, will not be allowed to participate in the discussion or vote on the grant.

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