Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CIRM Directors Okay Compromise Legislation

Directors of the California stem cell agency today endorsed legislation that would remove the 50-person cap on its staff and which is also aimed at ensuring affordable access to stem cell therapies financed by taxpayers.

In response to a question from the California Stem Cell Report, Don Gibbons, chief communications officer for CIRM, said the vote was unanimous. No further details were disclosed.

It is the first time that CIRM directors have endorsed legislation that would modify the agency's operations.

The legislation, SB1064 by Sen. Elaine Kontominas Alquist, D-San Jose, is now set for approval on Thursday by the Senate Appropriations Committee. Then it will go to the Senate floor.

Here is a link to an earlier item on the bill with more details on its current provisions. Sphere: Related Content

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