Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Details on Jockey Martinez' Bid to Enroll in Geron Clinical Trial

The New York Daily News is reporting more specifics on the case of California jockey Michael Martinez, who was rejected as a candidate for Geron's hESC clinical trial.

Among other things, the article by Christian Red, who has provided the most complete coverage of Martinez' situation, said,
“According to an email that Northwestern's Dr. Richard Fessler sent to Martinez's treating physician at Highland (Hospital in Oakland, Ca.), Martinez failed to qualify for embryonic stem cell treatment. Fessler cited several reasons, including that patients with severed or lacerated spinal cords are automatically eliminated from eligibility. (David) Seftel (Martinz's primary physician) has said that MRI exams on Martinez's thoracic region - where he sustained the spinal cord injury - have proven inconclusive. Fessler also stated that the transfer of Martinez to Northwestern "has to be based on 'medical necessity' unrelated to the study," and that Fessler does not consider Martinez's situation as meeting that criteria.”
Red also wrote,
“Making matters more complicated has been the Martinez family's and Seftel's dealings with Highland. Seftel has said that the family had difficulty securing Michael's medical records in a timely fashion, and that Highland hampered Michael's transfer to another spine center in the San Francisco area when the treating physician, Dr. Federico Castro-Moure, refused to provide a letter to the state Division of Worker's Compensation.

"It is an absolute outrage," said Seftel.”

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