Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Recommendations for CIRM from Blue-ribbon Panel

Here is a list of the recommendations of the blue-ribbon panel concerning the California stem cell agency.
• Build on CIRM’s previous and ongoing investments
• Sharpen the focus on meaningful, targeted excellence required for global leadership in
the development of innovative treatments based on regenerative medicine
• Sustain a vigorous program of fundamental discovery while, at the same time, make
critical choices in translating results from the laboratory to the clinic
• Transition to a much more proactive strategy of funding that aligns CIRM’s peer review
and other processes with its mandate of delivering new treatments to the clinic
• Adopt a porous approach to strategic opportunities, scanning the global environment for
scientific advances that have the potential to enrich CIRM’s portfolio
• Prioritize the investment portfolio, with input from CIRM’s diverse stakeholders
• Build on and expand CIRM’s current international strategy, continuing to develop strategic
international partnerships that will create both scientific and financial synergies
• Assume a global leadership role in addressing not just the scientific, but also the
economic, regulatory, ethical and health delivery issues associated with stem cell
research and regenerative medicine
• Expand engagement with the healthcare industry and explore innovative partnerships that
will catalyze the movement of research from the laboratory to the clinic
• Increase greatly public awareness within the state and internationally of CIRM’s progress
on all fronts of regenerative medicine and the potential and realized health and economic
benefits , through outreach via patient advocacy groups, grantees and their host
institutions, conferences and the internet
• Clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Governing Board and senior management and
specifically between the Governing Board Chair and President in order to maximize the
likelihood of success of CIRM’s mission

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