Thursday, February 10, 2011

Okarma's Departure, Pfizer and More

Looking for a roundup on stem cell firms and their activities? You can find a brief one on the blog of a stem cell scientist at UC Davis.

In a piece called "stem cell biotech updates," Paul Knoepfler mentions the surprise departure of Tom Okarma as president of Geron Corp. of Menlo Park, Ca., declaring that it means a "fundamental change" at the firm.

On the same subject elsewhere, Rob Waters and Elizabeth Lopatto of Bloomberg News quoted one stock analyst, Ren Benjamin of Rodman & Renshaw about the move.
"'Clearly there was a difference of opinion as to how the company should move forward,' between Okarma and the board, Benjamin said in a telephone interview today. 'The board wants to take a more strategic focus on partnerships with a keen eye on the cash spend and position.'"
Knoepfler also brings up an article involving Pfizer's plunge into stem cells. The piece on Motley Fool said, among other things,
"Insiders see Pfizer's change of heart as a tipping point that will lead to many industry partnerships with holders of stem cell patents."

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