Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stem Cell Agency on Bee Article and Voter Expectations

The California stem cell agency today said the seven-year-old "audacious vision" of voters when they created the $3 billion research effort "is still possible."

The comment was made in an item on the agency's blog by Amy Adams, the agency's communications manager.

Her entry point was an opinion piece in The Sacramento Bee on Sunday exploring some of the ins and outs of the agency. Among other things, CIRM President Alan Trounson was quoted by writer David Lesher as "optimistically" predicting successful California stem cell treatments in five years.

Adams wrote,
"Lesher makes clear that there are many challenges ahead in bringing new therapies to patients: he said of the voters who created CIRM, 'It was pretty audacious of them in 2004 to try to create another economic driver like Silicon Valley and save lives at the same time.'

"And while the vote was audacious, we agree with his conclusion that despite risks and challenges that vision is still possible." 

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