Thursday, January 24, 2013

Roll Call Vote on the Thomas Plan Dealing with IOM Recommendations

Here is the roll call vote yesterday on the plan to deal with the findings of the Institute of Medicine concerning the California stem cell agency. The vote was 23-0 with one abstention. The board has 29 seats. Not all board members were in attendance, and it is not entirely clear whether all the board members in attendance voted. Among other things, the plan calls for members with links to institutions that could benefit from CIRM awards to voluntarily refrain from voting on any applications for funding – not just those to their institutions. The roll call was provided by a spokesman for the agency.

Yes votes
David Brenner, dean of the UC San Diego medical school.
Anne Marie Duliege , vice president of Affymax
Michael Freidman, CEO City of Hope
Michael Goldberg, executive chairman of Nodality, Inc., and DNAnexus, appointed as executive officer of a commercial life science entity
Sam Hawgood, dean of the UC San Francisco medical school
Steve Juelsgaard, former executive vice president of Genentech, appointed as executive officer of a commercial life science entity
Sherry Lansing, chairwoman of the UC board of regents, appointed as patient advocate
Jacob Levin, assistant vice chancellor, research, UC Irvine, and alternate for Sue Bryant, interim provost at UC Irvine
Bert Lubin, CEO of Childrens Hospital, Oakland
Robert Price, associate vice chancellor for research, political science professor, alternate for the UC Berkeley chancellor
Francisco Prieto, Sacramento physician and patient advocate member of the board
Robert Quint, San Jose physician and patient advocate member
Duane Roth, San Diego businessman, appointed as executive officer of a commercial life science entity
Joan Samuelson, patient advocate member
Jeff Sheehy, patient advocate member
Jon Shestack, patient advocate member
Os Steward, patient advocate member and head of the Reeve-Irvine Research Center at UC Irvine
Jonathan Thomas, chairman of the board and Los Angeles bond financier
Art Torres, patient advocate member
Kristiina Vuori, interim CEO of Sanford Burnham Research Institute
Diane Winokur, patient advocate member
Claire Pomeroy, dean of the UC Davis medical school
Shlomo Melmed, senior vice president for academic affairs, Cedars Sinai

Michael Marletta, CEO of Scripps Research

(Editor's note: Based on information provided by CIRM, an earlier version of this item incorrectly reported that the vote was 21-0. It also contained errors on three names. All have been corrected. Thanks for the heads up on the misspellings from a board member who will remain unnamed.)

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