Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nature Reports on Lee Hood Conflict Case

The journal Nature and today picked up the story from the California Stem Cell Report about the conflict of interest case at the California stem cell agency involving renown scientist Lee Hood of Seattle, Wash.

Science news aggregators on the Internet also relayed various versions of the story. The facts were first reported on this blog yesterday. The matter involved a $24 million application for a genome project involving Irv Weissman of Stanford. Hood was one of the reviewers in the round. Hood and Weissman are longtime friends and own property together in Montana. They have also have a number of professional relationships.

In piece by Ewen Callaway, Nature additionally referred to ongoing conflict of interest issues at the agency, including the findings of an Institute of Medicine study. Harold Shapiro, head of the study, said the agency directors make "proposals to themselves, essentially, regarding what should be funded. They cannot exert independent oversight." 

The genomeweb item was also brief and did not mention the IOM study.

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