Sunday, May 17, 2015

California Stem Cell Agency to Hire Top VP

Randy Mills, who enters his second year this week as president of the California stem cell agency, is looking for a vice president for the $3 billion research enterprise. 

The salary for the new executive ranges up to $375,524. He or she would be the only vice president in the organization.  

The new position oversees three key areas of research with a budget of more than $600 million and 75 active programs at the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, as the agency is formally known. 

Mills this month added the VP position to his official organization chart. In a memo to the governing board of the agency, he noted that some members of the board had expressed concern about the number of persons reporting directly to him.  Mills said that "upon further reflection" he determined that adding a VP would mean more efficiency and effectiveness. 

Also unfilled are the high-level slots for senior directors of the areas that the new VP would oversee: organ systems, neuro/ocular therapies and blood and cancer. 

The three senior director openings were first posted in January, reflecting Mills' new structure at the San Francisco agency and his emphasis on speeding development of therapies.

They are among seven job openings at the agency including project manager for clinical advisory panels, web and social media manager and grants management specialist.

The media manager position came open this month when Anne Holden left after about a year on the job and completing an overhaul of the agency web site. 

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