Thursday, July 23, 2015

California Stem Cell Agency Approves $53 Million for Basic Research

OAKLAND, Ca. -- Directors of the California stem cell agency this morning approved a $53 million "discovery" research program that is aimed at funding basic research and creating special incentives to help assure that it will lead to a widely used therapy.

Randy Mills, president of CIRM, said a new, $150,000 bonus award will be created as part of the program. He also said recipients will be newly required to explain how their proposal could lead to a therapy, among other things.

Mills told directors that the new requirements would help to prevent past situations in which only 5 percent of basic research awards advanced along a path towards development.

Directors voted unanimously to go forward with the effort following a discussion that focused mainly on technical details of the plan. (See here and here for additional information on the plan.)

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