Friday, April 15, 2016

CRISPR and Anti-HESC Updates from UC Davis Researcher

UC Davis stem cell scientist and blogger Paul Knoepfler has been busy this week, posting updates on CRISPR and two persons who have been behind the drive against the research use of human emrbryonic stem cells.

First, the information about the embryonic stem cell opponents, James Sherley and Theresa Deisher.

Sherley is running Asymmetrex, Inc., an adult stem cell firm in Boston. Knoepfler reported,
"I haven’t really seen Sherley out there in the public domain as an activist that much ever since the ES cell court ruling."
The negative ruling came in a federal court case challenging federal financing of human embryonic stem cell research.

Knoepfler cited a piece in Mother Jones magazine for his description of continuing activism on the part of Deisher. She was involved in the secretly recorded video tapes of Planned Parenthood officials. Among others, employees of Stem Express of Placerville, Ca., were also taped without their permission, and the California Department of Justice is investigating whether state laws were broken.

On the CRISPR front, Knoepfler has a series of links to good articles on the ongoing discussion involving the genetic modification technique. The debate continues unabated, although not in the mainstream media.

California's $3 billion stem cell agency held a daylong session on the matter some months ago. The agency is scheduled to take another look at it, but no date has been announced yet.

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