Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trump on Science and Biotech: Wild Card, Chilling or NIH Slasher?

Reaction today from the world of science, stem cells and biotech to the election of Donald Trump as president ranged from "party time" to "chilling" impact.

Here is a sampling of articles today that dealt with the implications of the billionaire's victory.

Dylan Scott wrote in Stat:
"Should President Donald Trump make drug makers relieved? Or anxious? They’re not sure."
Stat also carried a related piece by Damian Garde who said that Trump is a wild card who could side with those who want to cut back on federal funding of research.

An article in Science by Jeffrey Mervis quoted Robert Cook Deegan, a research scientist at Arizona State University, as saying,
"Science won't get much attention, except when it gets in the way or bolsters support for a political priority."
Adam Feuerstein wrote in The Street:
"Half the country woke up Wednesday depressed about President-elect Donald Trump. That group doesn't include investors in biotech and drugs stocks. They are partying like a giant drug-pricing cloud has been lifted from their shoulders."
An article in Nature by Jeff Tollefson, Lauren Morello and Sara Reardon had this:
"'I think at the very least it would put a chilling effect on the interest of scientists from other countries in coming here,' says Kevin Wilson, director of public policy and media relations at the American Society for Cell Biology in Bethesda, Maryland. Some researchers are already thinking about leaving the United States in the wake of the election."
An overview piece by Sarah Kaplan in the Washington Post had this line:
"Last year, Trump told conservative radio host Michael Savage, 'I hear so much about the NIH, and it’s terrible.'"
Yours truly wrote earlier today that Trump's victory could translate to good news for California's $3 billion stem cell agency. (That piece can also be found on Capitol Weekly.)

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