Tuesday, February 14, 2017

California to Hand Out $32 Million for Stem Cell Research Next Week

The California stem cell agency next week is expected to award as much as $32 million for late stage research and clinical trials involving therapies for arthritis of the knee, type 1 diabetes, an immunodeficiency affliction and ALS. 

Also on tap for the Feb. 23 governing board meeting are concept proposals for expansion of the Alpha Clinic program along with unspecified changes in the $3 billion agency's discovery, translation and clinical plans. 

Four awards are already approved by the agency's reviewers and are scheduled for routine ratification by the board. Their review summaries can be found on the agenda. The reviewers also rejected one proposal for research involving Parkinson's disease. That summary can also be found on the agenda.

More details on the concept plans are expected to be posted soon. The meeting will take place in Oakland with public teleconference locations in in San Diego, Los Angeles and two in La Jolla. Addresses can be found on the agenda. 

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