Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Read All About It! Bad News for The Stem Cell 'Other'

It is a sad day for the stem cell "other."

Only 11 percent of the readers of one stem cell blog say they fit that category. That was a big drop from the early returns that showed the "other" with 21 percent.

(Never mind that we don't know the precise number of eyeballs actually represented by that 11 percent.)

All of this is the product of The Niche, the blog of UC Davis stem cell researcher Paul Knoepfler. He mounted a poll last week for readers to determine both their interests and general identity.

Initially "other" sprang into the lead. But as more readers responded, the reader category of academic scientists moved to the top with 32 percent. Industry scientists followed with 19 percent and patient or patient advocates with 17 percent.

What were they interested in? Investigations, 25 percent, newsy items, 20 percent, and journal club-like paper reviews, 18 percent.  Less than four percent of readers identified themselves as interested laypersons.

If you are feeling left out, there is still time to respond by going to this link. A chance at free stem cell swag is being offered. And the swag is better than a used petri dish.


  1. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Is the California Stem Cell Report associated with The Niche financially or what is the purpose of continually promoting that blog?

  2. Re the Niche and other stem cell blogs, they are rare creatures. Probably only a handful of legitimate ones exist in this country. That is why we look at them and occasionally write about them. This is a field where most of the researchers appear to be shy -- at least in terms of engaging on the Internet beyond turgid research papers in journals that are remote from the public. The Niche has a sense of humor and lightness, which is also of some value. As for financial ties, none exist.


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