Friday, January 05, 2018

Places to Go, Stem Cell Science to See in 2018

The $3 billion California stem cell agency did all you stem "cellists" out there a big favor this week with a rundown of the hottest and most interesting conferences coming up in 2018. A UC Davis researcher also has put his own list on his own blog.

First, the agency's list of what it describes as "awesome" conferences. They range from industry-oriented events to ones devoted to science. Coming up next week is a "state of the industry" briefing by the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine in San Francisco. The World Stem Cell Summit runs at the end of this month in Miami.

A discussion of the agency's Alpha Clinics program is scheduled for April 19 at UCLA. Last year's Alpha program at the City of Hope was excellent. December will bring a Cedars-Sinai conference on Translation of Stem Cells to the Clinic, Challenges and Opportunities, which could be illuminating as the stem cell agency pushes to fulfill the promises of the ballot initiative campaign that created the research effort.

Of course, there are many more -- much too many to list here.The Oakland-based agency has also provided links to the conferences it highlights

Over at UC Davis, scientist Paul Knoepfler's list included some of the same sessions. He also is soliciting information on conferences that he has not listed. You can send him your information by clicking here. 

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