Monday, March 26, 2018

Parkinson's Patient Advocate Pitches for More California Stem Cell Funding

Sometimes things move quickly at meetings of the governing board of the California stem cell agency, which is formally known as the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine(CIRM).  At the meeting this month, it ended before a patient advocate had a chance to make her voice heard.

She is Jenifer Raub, president of the Summit for Stem Cell Foundation of San Diego. She requested that this web site carry the comments she would have made to the board. We are delighted to provide them below.
“On behalf of Summit for Stem Cell Foundation we applaud the efforts of CIRM to move Stem Cell Research forward. We task you specifically with addressing and funding a stem cell-based cell therapy for Parkinson’s Disease  (PD) Research. There is tremendous enthusiasm within the PD community for an autologous iPSC-based therapy. Parkinson’s Advocates are a vocal group as you well know. Funding assistance from CIRM for an autologous iPSC-based therapy for PD would easily result in Parkinson’s Advocates gratefully voicing support for funding for CIRM on the 2020 ballot.”
The California Stem Cell Report welcomes comments and lengthier commentary from persons interested in the $3 billion stem cell agency. Please send them to

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