Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Stem Cell "Nose Job" and Updates on Regulation of Questionable Stem Cell Clinics

Tracking the latest on dubious stem cell clinics, the feds and the implications across the nation can be a bit of consuming task, if you are interested in that sort of thing.

But one Internet site does a pretty good job of keeping up with it. Here is what popped up last week on The Niche, which is based out of UC Davis.
  •  A Q&A with a Georgia law professor concerning the federal crackdown on unregulated stem cell clinics. 
  • A quick look at activities regarding the state of Washington's new law on stem cell clinics, the failed state regulatory attempt in the stem cell "hot bed" that is Florida plus questions about enforcement of California's new stem cell clinic law. 
  • A video of a presentation by an unregulated stem cell clinic which discussed a product described as a  "magic concoction" that is sprayed up the patient's nose.  
Paul Knoepfler is the UC Davis stem cell researcher who produces The Niche and has long written about the dubious clinics that have proliferated across the nation, with the most in California. 

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