Wednesday, July 25, 2018

California Stem Cell Agency's Latest Online Event to Highlight ALS and Challenges to Research

California's $3 billion stem cell agency will mount its second Facebook Live event next Tuesday, featuring ALS researchers from Cedars-Sinai discussing their work and the challenges confronting the field.

The noon PDT cybercast will feature Clive Svendsen, director of the Regenerative Medicine Institute at Cedars, Robert Baloh, director of neuromuscular medicine at Cedars, and Ralph Kern, chief medical officer of Brainstorm Therapeutics, Inc., of New York City.

Viewers will be able to pose questions to the participants during the event, which has been dubbed "Ask the Experts.".

The stem cell agency, known formally as the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), has awarded Brainstorm $15.9  million to support a phase three clinical trial work in California dealing with ALS. Svendsen has received $24.9 million from CIRM, including $6.2 million for a phase one/two trial also involving ALS.  Baloh has received a $3 million CIRM award for research involving peripheral nerve disease.

CIRM's first Facebook Live event has drawn nearly 7.500 viewers since it was staged two months ago, a performance that makes it a useful tool in reaching large numbers of people.

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