Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Autism and Stem Cells: Live Online Event Tomorrow from California Stem Cell Agency

The California stem cell agency wrote this week about the "definitely strange" and challenging times, but it is making a move tomorrow to stay on balance with an online Q&A exploration of autism and stem cell research. 

The specific matter is a Facebook Live event called "Ask the Stem Cell Team About Autism" at 12 p.m. tomorrow.  The agency said on its blog:
"The event features Dr. Alysson Muotri from UC San Diego. We have written about his work with stem cells for autism in the past. And CIRM’s own Associate Director for Discovery and Translation, Dr. Kelly Shepard."
Kevin McCormack, senior director of communications at the agency, said that some people had asked why the agency was going ahead with the program.
"It’s a good question. And the answer is simple. Because there is still a need for good, thoughtful information about the potential for stem cells to help families who have a loved one with autism. And because we still need to do all we can to dispel the bad information out there and warn people about the bogus clinics offering unproven therapies.
"In many ways Facebook Live is the perfect way to deliver this information. It allows us to reach out to large numbers of people without having them in the same room. We can educate not contaminate."
McCormack noted,
"If you can’t tune in while we are live, not to worry, you’ll be able to watch it again afterwards when it gets posted to our CIRM Facebook page."


  1. CIRM has done almost nothing in autism research, so it's not surprising that they pick this this boneheaded time for the presentation. Parents of autistic children whose day programs have been cancelled will definitely be tuning in to hear the good news. (By the way I was on the IOCC for many years.)

    1. Jon- when you left the ICOC, it was a loss. I did not get funding for autism from CIRM but I did get a grant from the NIH. It's not a huge project, but it continues.

    2. And, you can ask me anything, any time.


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