Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Backers of a $5.5 Billion California Stem Cell Measure Claim 915,000 Signatures, Ballot Qualification at Stake

The campaign to place a $5.5 billion, stem cell measure on the California ballot this fall says it has gathered more than enough signatures to bring it before voters. 

In response to questions from the California Stem Cell Report, a campaign spokeswoman said,
"In our last full week of signature gathering, we received 120,000 signatures, showing the tremendous support from California voters. With 915,000 signatures in hand and a new sign-from-home option that allows individuals to mail in their signatures, we’re confident that we will be able to gather the final signatures we need while, most importantly, keeping Californians safe." 
The proposal needs 623,212 valid signatures of registered voters to qualify. Because so many signatures are disqualified in the verification process, many more than the bare minimum are required. 

The next step is for the campaign to submit the signatures to election officials for verification, a process than can take a month or more under normal government operating conditions. 

The entire process has a deadline of June 15 to be completed.  

Campaign spokeswoman Sarah Melbostad said, "Voters can go to our website to sign the petition and ensure the continuation of treatments and cures that could save or improve the lives of millions."  

(Editor's note: An earlier item on this subject that was briefly up this afternoon  incorrectly said that the campaign had not responded to a question concerning the current number of signatures. That post has been deleted.)

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