Friday, July 17, 2020

Covid Clinical Trial Location Still Missing on $750,000 California Stem Cell Grant

The California stem cell agency stipulates that winners of research awards in its fast-track, Covid-19 round must be ready to start work within a month of approval, but a New Jersey firm that snagged $750,000 three weeks ago has yet to report the location of its California work.

The  firm is Celularity, Inc. Its proposed therapy is backed by Rudi Giuliani, the president's personal lawyer, who has also touted other possible Covid therapies, including one that has been rejected by the Food and Drug Administration.

The $750,000 is intended to finance a clinical trial someplace in California. The stem cell agency funds only California work.

In creating the Covid round, CIRM said award winners must be "ready to start work within 30 days of approval and propose achieving a clear deliverable within six months." It has been 21 days since the Celularity award was approved. 

The California Stem Cell Report has asked the firm repeatedly for the location of the California site but it has not responded with this routine information. The agency itself also has not disclosed the location and defers to the company.  

Celularity updated the information today that it files with the National Institutes of Health on the trial. However, the locations of the trial still did not show any in California. 

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