Tuesday, February 23, 2021

"Hotel California" for Golden State Stem Cell Research? Plus the Bad Tidings on a $16 Million Clinical Trial Investment

Here are links and excerpts from items this morning on the California Stem Cell Report, which has moved to a new platform. Don't miss the exclusive and news about California's $12 billion stem cell/gene therapy program, including information that can be found nowhere else. Subscribe to the "semi-new"  version of this blog through the "subscribe" buttons that can be found on the new site. Three-million "views" of the site can't be wrong. 

Stem cell researchers yesterday discussed a possible facility in California to aid in stem cell research that was dubbed a stem-cell Hotel California after the famed Baja retreat.

California’s rejuvenated stem cell program yesterday received bad news about a $16 million clinical trial investment but also heard glowing praise from stem cell researchers who suggested ways to spend $5.5 billion more. 

It all happened during a nearly five-hour session Monday morning devoted to crafting a new, five-year strategic plan for the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), as the agency is formally known. The meeting came in the wake of voter passage last fall of Proposition 14, which saved the agency from death by a lack of dollars.....  

Text of Statement by Amander Clark of UCLA on Future Direction of California's Stem Cell Program

Clark's Talk was Aimed at Needs in Basic Research

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