Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Readers Write

The following is from Terry Feuerborn in California:

"I was very pleased this morning to read that Zach Hall has been appointed head of the new stem cell agency. Prior to his appointment at USC, Zach was Vice Chancellor for Research at UCSF. At that time, I was head of the UC patenting and licensing office. Since patent issues bedevil the research program, I had a lot of interactions with Zach. He was also the campus representative to the system-wide Technology Transfer Advisory Committee, which was set up to monitor the work of my office--among other things.

"Without reservation, I can tell you that Zach's appointment is a very positive development for the stem cell program. Zach is personable, extremely competent, and absolutely straight arrow. I can remember dealing with him on some particularly difficult issues involving the desire of a well-known company to establish a research institute at UCSF. There were many millions of dollars on the table, but the company wanted intellectual property terms that were not acceptable to UC for a variety of reasons. Under very difficult circumstances, Zach supported the principles involved. When a lot of money is being dangled in front of a university, that is a very hard thing to do. I gave him a lot of credit for that.

"Zach should do very well as head of the new agency. I wish him the best."

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