Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Lee-Halpern Petition Rejected by Klein

Reporter Laura Mecoy of The Sacramento Bee looks like she is alone on rejection of every point of the Lee-Halpern petition by Robert Klein, chairman of the California stem cell agency.

Writing this morning, she said:

"The chairman of the state stem cell agency's oversight board rejected every point in a petition seeking more open meetings, stricter conflict-of-interest rules and salary caps at California's new research institute.

"But with pressure mounting in the Legislature and the courts to address these issues, the chairman said Monday the panel would hold hearings seeking a wide range of views on each issue - rather than limiting itself to the petitioners' views.

"These are important issues which we have set up public hearings to address," Chairman Robert Klein II said. "But to make a deal with a special interest group is not consistent with the interests of the public in having a full public hearing of these issues."

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