Tuesday, March 08, 2005

More Egg Regulation Sought

The Center for Genetics and Society has joined with the Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research to call for increased regulation of the California stem cell agency in connection with the use of women's eggs for research.

The groups plan to testify at Wednesday's California State Senate hearing into the new agency.

One of their recommendations: “Before undertaking multiple egg extraction from healthy women, all data on drugs used in such procedures should be reviewed by a neutral, knowledgeable, and independent oversight body whose sole purpose is to protect the safety and rights of women wishing to provide eggs.”

“If researchers begin experimenting...on a large scale, they will need eggs from many thousands of women. Payment to these women for their eggs, even if it is considered reimbursement, would create an economic inducement for women to put themselves at risk. This would be especially true for poor and young women,” said Marcy Darnovsky , associate director of the Center for Genetics and Society .

You can see the press release here and the full text of a letter from Suzanne Parisian, M.D., a former chief medical officer for the FDA.

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