Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Super Ovulation and Ortiz

If you haven't seen it already, reporter Laura Mecoy's story on the super ovulation issue and California State Sen. Deborah Ortiz is worth a read.

Mecoy, who writes for The Sacramento Bee, explores the reasons for Ortiz' position, which has greatly disappointed some who used to consider her a staunch ally. Ortiz, on the other hand, says she is not abandoning them.

She told Mecoy, "I just want to have a full discussion because we are changing from what we said during the campaign (for Prop. 71), and that troubles me."

The measure itself recognizes some of the problems with the issue, barring purchase of eggs from donors but apparently allowing for compensation for expenses.

Substantial money is to be made from stem cells as they are turned into medical products. That invariably will entice some to skirt, at the minimum, the edges of ethical behavior, which are not all that clear on stem cell matters anyway. Ortiz' concern seems merited.

But Mecoy also notes that at the same people are in misery. She quoted a mother of two in Davis who suffered a spinal cord injury 12 years ago.
“Three more years ... could be a matter of whether I make it out of this
chair or not," said Karen Miner. "I don't understand this push to delay this for three more years when we have all fought so hard, and people are dying."

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