Monday, March 21, 2005

Two Critical Views of the Stem Cell Agency

The Sacramento Bee has editorialized on the current situation with the stem cell agency, suggesting that it move at its April meeting to alleviate legislative concerns.

editorial said, "Given that (Chairman Robert) Klein seems disinclined to publicly lead the stem cell program, members of the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee should take this role upon themselves. Prior to the next meeting, this oversight committee needs to set its own agenda, and put the institute on a course that marries science with accountability."

Long time journalist and blogger Chris Nolan has provided
insight into the thinking that may be part of the problems at the agency.

She wrote in Politics from Left to Right, "Some of what's going on here is a failure to understand the difference between private and public funding, a classic mistake made by business folks trying to work the political system and a profound weakness for that sometimes arrogant crowd known as
Progressive libertarians. They want government to run like a business: Efficiently and with smart folks like them in charge. But there reasons -- lots of good ones -- that we have oversight and open meetings laws."

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