Sunday, March 11, 2007

Klein on Clinical Trial Problems with ESC Research

California stem cell Chairman Robert Klein is concerned about "tragedies" during clinical trials of cures developed with funding by the state of California.

He made the comment in a question-and-answer interview with reporter Steve Johnson of the San Jose Mercury News.

Klein was asked about his main concerning clinical trials funded by CIRM.

He replied:
"We need to work with the patient advocacy groups and the public so they understand that as we start trials there will be great victories, there also will be tragedies. They need to understand this is part of the process we need to go through. Because if the public is not broadly informed, there could be a reaction that could shut down the trial."
However, any clinical trials are years away. CIRM also may not be involved in their direct funding, although the cures may be based on state-funded research. Sphere: Related Content

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