Monday, March 26, 2007

More Response from CHA RMI

CHA RMI and its California stem cell grant surfaced on the web site of The Scientist magazine with more details about the company's response.

The report by Kirsten Weir contained the following:
"According to a statement released by CHA RMI, the organization was incorporated in California in 2005 and 'has been engaged in adult and embryonic stem cell research at its Los Angeles laboratory...None of the member companies belonging to CHA Health Systems have any ownership interest in CHA RMI and none of the companies have any voting rights on CHA RMI's Board.'

"According to the statement, Jang-Won Lee earned his PhD from the University of Connecticut and has held positions at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Children's Hospital & Harvard Medical School. Lee could not be reached for comment."
Most of the other information in The Scientist report is familiar to readers of this web site. Sphere: Related Content

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