Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sacramento Bee: Fairness and Cha

The Sacramento Bee today said today that the California stem cell agency should "resist calls to rescind or freeze" a $2.6 million grant to CHA RMI, whose founding president is embroiled in an international plagiarism scandal.

The medical director of an allied organization, CHA Fertility, is also under investigation by the state Medical Board in connection with an allegation that he seduced her and lied to her about the number of eggs he extracted from her.

The Bee said in an editorial:
"Both allegations are serious. But the CHA scientist who applied for and received the $2.6 million stem cell grant, Dr. Jang-Won Lee, hasn't been implicated in either incident. Unless someone can demonstrate otherwise, the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine should resist calls to rescind or freeze the $2.6 million grant.

"The issue is a simple one of fairness. Over the years, medical scandals have rocked several university medical centers, including one at UC Irvine that was forced to close its transplant center. These revelations were shocking, but they don't mean that all scientists affiliated with UC Irvine should be disqualified from government research funds. Nor, by itself, should Lee's affiliation with CHA prevent him from receiving a state grant, which he hopes to use in the development of stem cells that can be used to study Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease."
For more details on this issue, see: "CHA Example," "Grant Recipient." You can also use the "search blog" function at the upper left hand corner of this page to find all the items on CHA. Use the search term "Cha." Sphere: Related Content

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