Monday, March 17, 2008


Based on incorrect information from the Chico Enterprise Record, we reported incorrectly on March 4 that Janet Wright was leaving California last month to take a new job and would no longer be serving on the Oversight Committee of the California stem cell agency. CIRM reports that Wright is leaving to take a new job, but cannot say when. Wright did not respond to emails requesting the correct information.

We also reported incorrectly on Feb. 29 that the bond anticipation notes purchased by the Gordon Moore Foundation and Taylor Crandall were not repaid by CIRM. That information, provided by the state treasurer's office, is incorrect. The notes have been repaid.

Our policy is to correct mistakes as promptly as possible, both separately in a correction and in the original item, including a note that the item was corrected. If you see information that you believe is factually incorrect, please send an email to Sphere: Related Content


  1. Do you consider text in a 31 Jan 08 post --Yamanaka accepted a state grant in August 2007-- accurate?

  2. The statement concerning Yamanaka was contained in a direct quote from a piece by another writer. That writer is the one to ask about whether that is an accurate statement.

    Nonetheless, our understanding is that Gladstone is using funds from CIRM to support Yamanaka. As far as we know, he has not declined to accept that support. Does that amount to "acceptance?" He could have declined the support. Some fine legal and semantic points there. Regardless, it is clear that CIRM's huge resources have made California attractive to Yamanaka and others.