Friday, March 28, 2008

Bravo on Timely Posting of Lab Grant Documents

The California stem cell agency today posted on its web site the staff analysis and other key documents in its $758 million lab grant construction program, a full week ahead of their scheduled public review.

Congratulations to CIRM and its tiny staff for the timely posting. It well serves the agency, interested parties and the public, providing ample time to review the complex documents and prepare comments, if so desired. Posting and preparing the material is no small task. The documents are large and intricate. And no one wants to make mistakes.

In addition to the staff analysis of the applications, the newly posted material includes lab planner's evaluations and applicant comments. The applications in CIRM's single largest round of grants will be evaluated at a two-day session of the Facilities Working Group in San Francisco, beginning next Friday,

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