Friday, March 28, 2008

'Doing It Right,' Cerberus Simpson Says

Both the California stem cell agency and the Interstate Alliance on Stem Cell Research have come in for some praise from Consumer Watchdog's John M. Simpson, who has followed California stem cell issues closely for several years.

Simpson, who was once thrown out of a meeting of the interstate group, lauded it for an early posting an agenda for its meeting April 9-10 in Washington. He also remarked that CIRM has done better recently on posting materials for some of its meetings. He particularly cited Rick Keller, senior officer for Scientific and Medical Research Facilities.

Writing on the Consumer Watchdog's blog, Simpson said,
"Public policy should always be made in public. And the public must have timely advance access to what's being discussed. That's how policy-makers actually build true support for their actions. Perhaps after a few -- sometimes less than gentle -- nudges from folks like me that message is getting across in these two cases."
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