Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Kurt Cobain, CIRM and Green Footprints

Next week the directors of the California stem cell agency are meeting in the Crest Theater in Sacramento, an unusual and colorful location for a meeting of a state agency. Normally it is a venue for classic movies, such as a fully restored version of "Gone With The Wind," as well as musical performances. However, hundreds of new citizens have been sworn in there as well, including the mother of the late Sacramento Mayor Joe Serna.

We have just received an additional tidbit about the Crest from Jerry Schroeder, the architect responsible during its restoration and who has a keen eye for truly important historical matters. Here is what he had to say.

"In the basement, in the green room, there are green footprints walking up the wall put there by an unknown-at-the-time musician called Kurt Cobain. He got into a can of paint while waiting to go on stage. The footprints have been preserved as part of the restoration project."

See the item below for specifics about what CIRM is likely to do as it sits above Cobain's footprints. Sphere: Related Content

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