Thursday, March 13, 2008

Legal Action in Multimillion Dollar CIRM HQ Promises

The California stem cell agency is embroiled in a $425,000 flap with its landlord as part of the City of San Francisco's deal to pick up millions of dollars in agency's expenses as part of the city's successful bid to land the CIRM headquarters.

Reporter Sabin Russell of the San Francisco Chronicle today wrote that the agency's directors have authorized legal action against Stockbridge Capital Partners, owner of the building housing CIRM.

Russell wrote:
"At issue is approximately $425,000 in annual operating costs for items as diverse as electricity, janitors, parking privileges and fees similar to those paid by condominium owners.

"Part of the deal, according to stem cell board Chairman Robert Klein, was that the state-funded institute would not have to pay those costs. 'A couple of months ago, we had a meeting with Stockbridge, and at that time they assured us they would pay all expenses. They have not lived up to the representations made to the mayor or ourselves,' he said.

"Adam Alberti, spokesman for Stockbridge, said Wednesday that the company remains committed to keeping the institute headquarters in San Francisco. 'We are in year two of a 10-year rent-free deal,' he said. 'We will continue to meet that obligation.'

"Alberti said that so far the firm also has covered about $1 million of operating expenses - costs that were to be covered by 'private fundraisers and other parties' who have yet to come through with the money. 'We are working with the city and other folks involved to find ways to cover this,' he said. 'Ultimately, the guarantor of the deal is Stockbridge.'"
The dispute raises questions about whether other promises made in San Francisco's multimilllion dollar bid are being fulfilled. As far as we know, no public accounting has ever been made. Sphere: Related Content

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