Wednesday, December 15, 2010

California Stem Cell Researcher Says Election Ruckus Is Damaging CIRM

Here is a comment on the CIRM chair election from a California stem cell scientist, who asked to remain anonymous.
“Stem cell researchers are tired of the political wrangling that is going on in the ICOC and CIRM. We come in to work every day and make progress on our research funded by CIRM grants. CIRM is an incredible boost to stem cell research, and we are profoundly grateful as scientists for the opportunity to invest our experience, our ideas, and our perseverance in a push toward something so meaningful as curing people of terrible diseases.

“We are grateful for the infrastructure that CIRM built so that we can worry less about finding the equipment we need and instead can use CIRM- funded equipment to advance our research. We are amazed by the fact that we can train young people and create jobs with CIRM's support. We appreciate the fact that CIRM listens to us and asks our advice about what directions the institute should pursue. CIRM has single-handedly created the environment in California that makes us the world leaders in translational stem cell research.

“I speak for many of my colleagues when I say to the ICOC and CIRM: STOP IT!! Put your egos on hold long enough to think about what you are risking by this infighting that makes the headlines. It makes a great organization look petty and pathetic, and is risking all of the good that CIRM has done. Calm down and stay out of the limelight for a few months, for the sake of CIRM, for California, and for the sick people whom we want to help.”

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