Wednesday, June 01, 2011

hESC Patents Piece from San Diego Researchers

The foray by the California stem cell agency into the tricky and arcane world of patent reform triggered a note today from the acting director of the San Diego Consortium for Regenerative Medicine, Xuejun H. Parsons.

She pointed out that the San Diego Regenerative Medicine Institute has a short piece on its web site about the patentability of human embryonic stem cells. CIRM was created by California voters in 2004 to fund hESC research because the federal government would not, but the agency has drifted away from a sharp focus on hESC.

The web site item briefly discusses the need for patents and links to a more comprehensive article by Parsons, Yang D. Teng, Dennis A. Moore and Evan Y. Snyder. The piece  in the journal "Recent Patents on Regenerative Medicine" is a technical overview of the science linked to the patents. It may be of interest to CIRM directors as they ponder whether to take a stand in the savage fight in Congress over patent reform legislation.

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