Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stem Cell Blogging from Toronto

For a close-up, on-the-scene look at the biggest stem cell conference in the world, check out the blog on the web site of the California stem cell agency.

Don Gibbons, CIRM's chief communications officer, has filed one blog item already about and is Tweeting a couple of times a day. He wrote,
"What a rapt full house of attendees heard was an impassioned evening of hope and excitement balanced nicely with restraint and patient persistence."
Gibbons said in an email this morning,
"I am on the ISSCR education committee that plans the opening public session that I wrote about in the blog and made an oral presentation the following day on public education and (the CIRM) high school curriculum project."
CIRM has also sent 20 patient advocates to the meeting in Toronto of the International Society for Stem Cell Research as part of a $200,000 program. Don Reed of Fremont, Ca., is one of them. He is also filing reports on his blog.

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