Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CIRM's Trounson Has Month-Long Gig in Australia in July 2012

The Australian Centre for NanoMedicine has announced that the president of the $3 billion California stem cell agency, Alan Trounson, will be spending July 2012 as its "visiting professor."

The announcement apparently came as a surprise to some directors of the state's research program, which paid Trounson $490,118 in 2010. There was no date on the announcement but it appears to have been placed on the Internet sometime this spring.

The center is part of the University of New South Wales and was formed in April 2010. Trounson, who emigrated from Australia to take the CIRM post, is the second visiting professor in the program.

The center's announcement did not specify whether Trounson would be paid for his stint in Australia next year. Nor did it explain his exact duties. The center has at least one very slight connection to CIRM. Geoff Symonds, a longtime Australian researcher and chief scientific officer of Calimmune of Tucson, Az., made a presentation at the center's international conference last June 30-July 2. Calimmune, whose founders include former CIRM director, Nobel Laureate David Baltimore, shares in a $20 million grant with Irvin Chen of UCLA.

For more on Calimmune, see here and here.

We are querying CIRM for more information on Trounson's commitments in July 2012.

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