Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pomeroy Moving On, Will Leave Stem Cell Board

Claire Pomeroy, one of the longtime members of the governing board of the $3 billion California stem cell agency, will be leaving her position at UC Davis and the stem cell board next June.

Pomeroy yesterday announced her departure from Davis as vice chancellor for human health services and dean of the medical school. In a telephone interview, she told the California Stem Cell Report that she is examining a “few select opportunities” to work at a national level on health reform and health policy issues.

Claire Pomeroy
UC Davis photo
Pomeroy, 57, will be spending time in Washington, D.C., working on health issues on behalf of the University of California during the transition period before she leaves her position in California.

Pomeroy came to UC Davis 10 years ago, shortly before the Golden State's stem cell agency was created in 2004. At that time, UC Davis had what she called a “fledgling” stem cell research effort. Today the school has chalked up $128 million in grants from the stem cell agency, ranking fifth among institutions funded by the agency.

She said that creation of the stem cell agency “catalyzed development of our program,” which she said has risen to “national prominence.”

Pomeroy's service on the stem cell agency board was also instrumental in attracting a $100 million grant from the Moore Foundation to start a new school of nursing at UC Davis in 2009. Through her service on the board, she met Ed Penhoet, who also served on the board and was one of the co-founders of Chiron and then president of the Moore Foundation. Subsequently, Penhoet called her for lunch to discuss her thoughts on nursing education, and developments moved on from there.

The $100 million commitment was the nation's largest grant for nursing education, according to the Moore Foundation.

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